Most Underrated Authors: # 4 Harlan Coben

harlan cobenOne of the most exciting opportunities for an avid reader is opportunities is finding a previously unread author who’s work you enjoy. I have often scoured the fiction section in my favorite bookstores looking for relatively unknown or new authors that I haven’t yet discovered. Many times I pick up someone’s debut novel as is the case with Patrick Lee’s The Breachharlan coben, but other times it’s an established author who I just haven’t had the pleasure of reading. Earlier this week I named Patrick Lee our # 5 Most Underrated Author. Our # 4 most underrated author is:

Harlan Coben

I know many of you are thinking “how can Harlan Coben be underrated? He’s a bestseller with a loyal fan base.” You are all right, he is a bestseller and he has a wonderful fan base, but he’s one of the great suspense writers of our time and many readers still have not discovered his abilities. Perhaps the sports agent persona of Myron Bolitar keeps non-sports fans away, but I’ve suggested Coben to dozens of people over the past decade and not once has anyone ever come back to me and said “you know I didn’t really like his style.” Everyone always comes back raving about Coben and all the plot twists and turns.

I am a sports junkie so the wise cracking basketball superstar, turned agent keeps me on the edge of my chair and I’ve read the series twice. But understand, the plots do not center on sports, they often begin with an issue with one of Myron’s clients but the plots are typically of a personal nature. The Bolitar series starts with Deal Breakerharlan coben and most recently with Live Wireharlan coben. Its easily one of my favorite series with dynamic characters like Win and Esperanza you just can’t go wrong. Still unconvinced?

If so, try his stand alone works. Tell No Oneharlan coben is one of my favorite novels and No Second Chanceharlan coben is not far behind. The plot twist will shock you and leave you dumbfounded. I must admit to a heavy bias on this one, Harlan Coben is a phenomenal author and I’m genuinely shocked that he is not a more prestigious figure in the literary world. True, he is not likely to be on anyone’s school reading list as an instant classic but as an avid reader of suspense, it just doesn’t get any better than Harlan Coben.

Harlan Coben’s Books: (* Myron Bolitar series)

Play Deadharlan coben
Miracle Cureharlan coben
Deal Breaker*harlan coben
Drop Shot*harlan coben
Fade Away*harlan coben
Back Spin*harlan coben
One False Move*harlan coben
The Final Detail*harlan coben
Darkest Fear*harlan coben
Tell No Oneharlan coben
Gone for Goodharlan coben
No Second Chanceharlan coben
Just One Lookharlan coben
The Innocentharlan coben
Promise Me*harlan coben
The Woodsharlan coben
Hold Tightharlan coben
Long Lost*harlan coben
Live Wire*harlan coben
Shelter (Young Adult)harlan coben
Stay Closeharlan coben
Seconds Away (Young Adult)harlan coben
Six Years (March 2013)harlan coben

If you like Harlan Coben, try Phillip Margolin’s Heartstoneharlan coben or Supreme Justiceharlan coben.

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