Most Underrated Authors: #1 Alex Berenson

Alex BerensonJohn BerensonI truly enjoy speaking with fellow readers about authors they love who I may or may not have read before. It’s a odd thing, two people with similar interest can walk by a shelf, see the same book, and one may pick it up while the other keeps walking. Eho’s to say the guy who kept walking didn’t just miss out on his next favorite author? In talking to another avid reader you can share these hidden gems with one another so you’re not missing out on a great new book. One day walking through my local Barnes and Noble I was fortunate enough to find a new author, Alex Berenson, who is now one of my favorite authors and has become Code 451’s Most Underrated Author.

Code 451’s Most Underrated Authors

#5 Patrick Lee
#4 Harlan Coben
#3 John Hart
#2 Brad Meltzer

#1 Alex Berenson

Alex Berenson may be the most underrated author writing today. I’ve followed him since his debut novel The Faithful Spy introduced former soldier, turned hero, turned CIA spook, John Wells in 2006. I continue to be amazed that more readers have not adopted his work. If you enjoy Vince Flynn or Nelson Demille, Alex Berenson is a must read. His characters are likable yet flawed, but perhaps Berenson’s best quality is the relevance, feasibility, and frightening reality of his novels. If Alex Berenson can dream it up, feel certain a terrorist cell somewhere is trying to make it a reality.

To date, each of Berenson’s novels (see below) feature John Wells. The novels are primarily focused on avoiding some catastrophe but also follow along with the evolution of Wells’ life. What I find very satisfying about Alex Berenson’s novels is the wonderful balance between giving Wells enough personality and personal interactions to maintain reality but not so much as to distract from the overall plot. Alex Berenson is outstanding and I hope he breaks into the much deserved limelight as one of today’s great action novelists very soon. I’m a big fan!

Alex Berenson’s Books:

The Faithful Spy
The Ghost War
The Silent Man
The Midnight House
The Secret Soldier
The Shadow Patrol
The Night Ranger (Releases February 13, 2013)

If you like Alex Berenson, try Ben Coes’ Power Down, Howard Gordon’s Gideon’s War, Matthew Dunn’s Spycatcher, or Vince Flynn’s Term Limits.

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