The Last Refuge by Ben Coes

The Last Refuge by Ben Coes

The Last RefugeWhen we last say Dewey Andreas in Coup d’Etathe had staved off nuclear war between India and Pakistan but had narrowly escaped with his life after being rescued by a group of Israeli commandos led by Kohl Meir. Now, in The Last Refuge, Meir is asking for Dewey’s help. However before Andreas can meet with the Israeli, Meir is kidnapped off the streets of New York.

Obviously Dewey will save Kohl’s life right? Ah, but things are never that simple as the United States is struggling through a power shift after the death of President Allaire leaves Vice President Dellenbaugh newly minted President. Dellenbaugh is unwilling to allow the United States to be drawn in to what he views is Israel’s problem. What Dewey unearths but can not tell anyone due to intelligence leaks is that not only is Meir’s life at stake but all of Tel Aviv as Iran has successfully constructed their first nuclear weapon.

Now working almost totally off the grid, Andreas is in a race against time to save Meir’s life without allowing Iran to demolish Tel Aviv. He saved the day in Power Down and Coup d’Etat, but can he do it alone in The Last Refuge?

The Last Refuge is further evidence that Code 451 was right on the money naming Ben Coes our Best New Author in Men’s Fiction! Coes is the new master of the political thriller!

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