Stay Close by Harlan Coben

Review of Stay Close by Harlan Coben

17 years ago Cassie walked away from a life of debauchery in the underworld of Atlantic City, but also her beloved Ray. She’s married, had children, and settled into a quiet suburban life. But Cassie is restless; she misses the nightlife and adventure of her past. She slowly ventures back out to satisfy her cravings, but she unwittingly sets of a chain reaction that cannot be stopped until the truth of that fateful night is discovered.

Detective Broome made a promise to the wife of a missing man 17 years ago. He still visits her each year on the anniversary to comfort her and himself. After all those years of questions he finally has a lead, but even he has no idea of the deprivation he has uncovered. Broome must overcome a corrupt boss and a grieving father set on vigilante justice to find the truth. Can he stop the killing once and for all?

Harlan Coben is the master of plot twists and Stay Close is a prime example. Armed with the seedy underbelly of Atlantic City, this is a nice stand-alone thriller which is sure to surprise even the cleverest reader. Coben is one of my favorites, but Stay Close is a little weaker than his previous works. This one was a little slow to peak, but the last 100 pages are impossible to put down. All in all, a good read but certainly not up to the standards of No Second Chance or Tell No One.

Code 451 Rating: 6.5 (Good Read)

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