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matthew dunnmatthew dunnMatthew Dunn is mostly new on the scene; his debut novel Spycatcher was released in 2011 featuring super spy Will Cochrane, code name “Spycatcher.” I reviewed Spycatcher here in December 2011 shortly after launching Code 451. I praised Dunn greatly at the time and I stand by my opinions two years later. Matthew Dunn’s novels have a fresh prospective from the inside of the intelligence community lending credibility to his plots and overall structure.

Since Spycatcher, Dunn has released Sentinel and Slingshot, both Will Cochrane novels. If you enjoy action novels, Dunn is a terrific up and comer and his work is only getting better; keep them coming Matthew!

Matthew Dunn Biography

Excerpt from Harper Collins

“Matthew Dunn spent 5 years in the British Secret Intelligence Service, commonly known as MI6, as a field operative. His role required him to recruit and run agents, coordinate and participate in special operations, and to operate in deep-cover roles throughout the world in order to collect secret intelligence to support the West’s ongoing fight against hostile and unpredictable regimes, state-sponsored terrorism, and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. His missions required him to travel extensively and typically he operated in highly hostile environments where, if compromised and captured, he would have been executed.”

Matthew Dunn’s Books


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