New Authors in Men’s Fiction: # 5 Patrick Rothfuss

Patrick RothfussOver the next five days we’ll be counting down the top new author’s in Men’s Fiction. Since it takes a few years for an author to build a body of work of at least two novels, we’re including any author who’s debut novel released in the last 5 years. Men’s Fiction is defined simply as action, adventure, thriller, etc. and to a certain extent science fiction or fantasy.

# 5 Patrick Rothfuss:

Patrick Rothfuss cleverly intertwines fantasy and action adventure as he follows the travails of Kvothe, an orphaned actor who is part magician, part thief, and part hero. He is brazen and arrogant, but mostly a brilliant student and magician. Rothfuss’s first novel The Name of the Wind was released in 2007 and his much anticipated follow up The Wise Man’s Fear just last year. It has been recently reported the third novel in this series will be released in 2013 and be entitled The Doors of Stone.

The Name of the Wind The Wise Man’s Fear

About the Author:

Patrick Rothfuss grew up in central Wisconsin and credits his love ofliterature to the Wisconsin winter and lack of cable television. He did not apply himself in school and eventually attended the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point where he bounced from major to major taking courses in anything that interested him. After 9 years he was forced to graduate due to university policy. He then attended graduate school for two years before returning to Stevens Point as an instructor. He remains at the university and again credits the Wisconsin weather (still no cable) for forcing him to stay indoors and write. (

If you like Patrick Rothfuss, try The Last Unicorn. (Rothfuss’s favorite novel!)

By Jeremy R Woods


Here are a few authors who were in consideration for our top 5 new author’s of Men’s Fiction:

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