Almost unlimited power for your camping or bug out bag electronics

Bug-out-bag-powerOne bad thing about electronics: they need power. Things that supply power take up weight and space in your bug out bag. By choosing wisely, you can cut down on the size and weight of your power system and still have almost unlimited power. Not like Thor-unlimited power, but still.

The more electronics you carry, the more spare batteries you’re going to need if you want to run them for extended periods. By cutting down on the variety of batteries, however, you can reduce the overall weight and size of your bag. By making sure your components work well together, you can ensure you can have power in a variety of circumstances.

Several years ago, my go bag had several different flashlights and gizmos that all took different size batteries. Most of them came in the CR123a flavor because I got a lot of it for deployments downrange over the years, and the CR123a is a great battery. The CR123a battery is used a lot in photography and in military optics and lighting. It packs a powerful punch and doesn’t take up a lot of room. It was my primary battery for a long time. If you do a lot of work downrange, you may want to stay with a CR123a for all your electronics – there are ways to do pretty much the same thing I did here but a bit more expensively. If you’re a typical prepper, you should consider switching to AA batteries.

When I started really looking at my bug out list and trying to find ways to cut down on inventory, I started realizing that I had to keep spares of a lot of different batteries to make sure I always had a backup. Most of my issued equipment and things I bought in the various PX’s in Iraq and Afghanistan came in CR123a, a few things from home were AA and AAA and a couple odd headlamp or other lights were CR2032 or even smaller. I had a pocket I filled with nothing but batteries. At one time, I had five different sizes. Keeping two spares for each meant 10 batteries. I’d rarely ever run out so at most I’d use up 2 of those before I got back to where I could easily get more.

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Here is my main electronics setup:

  • Good AA rechargeable batteries
  • 1 Fenix LD-10 flashlight.
  • Cree 7w flashlight
  • Portable solar panel
  • AA battery charger with USB input and output
  • A 110v A/C-USB plug adapter
  • A portable USB backup battery.


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