Apps To Stay Entertained When You’re Sick

Badlands gameThis is the time of year for the common cold and allergies. Spring illnesses can keep you in bed or on the couch all day. But being stuck at home isn’t all that bad.

I feel terrible and I probably shouldn’t be doing this, but along with my cold medicine I’ve found some apps, that may not make you feel better when you get sick, but they will help pass time on the couch.

If it’s games you want, check out Sushi Mushi, a puzzle game where you prepare sushi rolls by sliding your finger over matching ingredients. Points build up the more consecutive ingredients you add. It isn’t the most sophisticated game, but it is addicting.

There’s a reason you’re always getting invitations to play Candy Crush (iOS, Android) by your Facebook friends. Match three identical candies to score points and clear jellies. It might the most addictive game since Angry Birds. It’s free but with in-app purchases for new puzzles.

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