Best New Authors in Men’s Fiction: # 4 Howard Gordon

Yesterday began our daily countdown of the best new authors in men’s fiction. Since it takes a few years for an author to build a body of work of at least two novels, we’re including any author who’s debut novel released in the last 5 years. Men’s Fiction is defined simply as action, adventure, thriller, etc. and to a certain extent science fiction or fantasy.

Best New Authors in Men’s Fiction:

# 5 Patrick Rothfuss

# 4 Howard Gordon:

Howard Gordon is best known as the executive producer of the Fox’s smash hit 24. Gordon’s hero is diplomat/negotiator Gideon Davis. In Howard Gordon’s debut novel, Gideon’s War, Davis is asked to fly to Southeast Asia to escort a rogue agent home. The agent, Tillman Davis will only turn himself in to his brother, Gideon. After reaching his destination, Gideon has his world turned upside down as he must first evade hostile locals and then reach a billion dollar oil rig which has been seized by terrorists. The terrorists are being led by none other than Gideon’s brother, Tillman.

In the much anticipated sequel Hard Target Gideon has settled into a quiet life and his preparing to get married. But another dire situation emerges and Gideon is again thrust into a world of violence and danger.

Gideon’s War Hard Target

About the Author:

Howard Gordon is currently the co-creator and producer of Showtime’s Homeland. His credits as executive producer extend to the likes of 24 and The X-Files. Other credits include Beauty and the Beast, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and The Inside. A graduate of Princeton University, Gordon now resides in Los Angeles with his family.

If you like Howard Gordon try Alex Berensen.

By Jeremy R Woods

Here are a few authors who were in consideration for our top 5 new author’s of Men’s Fiction:

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