Most Underrated Authors: #3 John Hart

John HartAs a reader, I spend quite a bit of time perusing book stores looking for new authors. Over the years I’ve stumbled upon quite a few authors that I had never before encountered. Often I discover a wonderful new author and I just know they are destined for fame; sometimes it comes and other times the I find myself dumbfounded that the majority of the literary world hasn’t observed the hidden gem. This series is all about those hidden gems.

Most Underrated Authors

#5 Patrick Lee
#4 Harlan Coben

#3 John Hart

For those of you unaware of John Hart’s work I encourage you to immediately go out and buy a copy of The King of Lies. I read it several years ago and have had Hart on my must read list of authors ever since. His writing is outstanding but what really draws in the reader is his intensity. Hart has an uncommon ability to bestow upon his readers the feelings and moods of his characters.

John Hart’s Books

The King of Lies: A tale of corruption and deceit that stuns the most observant reader. I dare anyone to start this book and not get hooked. An outstanding work of fiction that weaves a complex yet utterly believable story. This book has so many twists and turns that just writing about it makes me want to read it again. Wonderful novel!

Down River: An Edgar Award winner for best novel, Hart’s follow-up work did not disappoint. Every bit as intense as The King of Lies with just as many twists and turns. This is a story of an exiled man who returns home to reclaim his life, but the secrets of his home town are so deep he may be able to surface the truth. Another wonderfully told story!

The Last Child:John Hart A young boy distraught with the loss of his father and sister seeks the truth, but is ignorance really bliss? This is truly a masterpiece. The ending will tug at the heartstrings of even the toughest of souls, but does so without losing Hart’s trademark intensity. This work stretched my boundaries as a reader and went outside my normal preferences, but it is a terrific work of literature.

Iron House: Explosive thriller! This book starts at a good pace and then explodes in a torrent of action and drama. This book is destined for a movie deal embedded with a mob killer trying to go straight. If you enjoy action and suspense, I highly recommend John Hart’s Iron House. It will hook you and keep you reading long into the night.

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