Wearable Tech and Pro Sports

Sports TechCEO Jed York isn’t just intrigued by wearable technology, he’s ready to throw it into the starting lineup.

York thinks that wearable tech — and the data that comes with it — will help athletes perform better, sure. But he thinks it can extend player careers, as well.

Players are already using wearable devices to prepare for their NFL careers, but York thinks safety and injury prevention are areas with the most to gain from the adoption of wearables.

“How do you get a guy to play 18 years in the league?” York said Thursday night. “Or keep someone healthy for 16 games or an entire basketball season? I think you’re going to see analytics work for health and safety more so than calling better plays or drafting better players.”

Player safety has been a major issue in the NFL, where the average career lasts just over three seasons. Retired players are dealing with major health issues later in life, and the prevalence of concussions is literally causing rule changes across the league.

But the NFL isn’t the only league taking notice. Chip Bowers, CMO for the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, agrees with York on benefits to player safety, and says wearables like jerseys, sleeves and even pants are coming quickly.

“I think it’s the next big opportunity in sports,” he said. “All you need to know is that companies like Under Armour and Nike are spending hundreds of millions of dollars, if not billions, to better understand this space.”… For the Rest of the Article CLICK HERE

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By Kurt Wagner @KurtWagner8

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