Best New Authors in Men’s Fiction: # 3 Patrick Lee

In the last few days, we’ve begun a series of articles highlighting the best new author’s in men’s fiction. Since it takes a few years for an author to build a body of work, we’re including any author who’s debut novel released in the last 5 years. Men’s Fiction is defined simply as action, adventure, thriller, etc. and to a certain extent science fiction or fantasy.

Best New Authors in Men’s Fiction:

# 5 Patrick Rothfuss

# 4 Howard Gordon

# 3 Patrick Lee:

Lee writes detailed and extravagant novels based on an organization called Tangent, which controls the existence of “the breach.” The Breach is an opening to another universe or society that was created during a nuclear accident. “Entities” often appear from the breach that are billions of years more advanced than any technology currently available. As one might expect, the existence of Tangent is a closely guarded secret by the government. In the debut novel, The Breach Patrick Lee introduces us to Travis Chase, a recent parolee in the wrong place at the wrong time. Struck by tragedy, Chase is dragged into a life altering world of national security and extreme danger. The story line is fairly strongly connected from one book to the next so you’ll instantly want to read Lee’s second novel Ghost Country, which was released in late 2010 then the third, Deep Sky, which was released just a few weeks ago. These are all attention grabbing, can’t put down novels that I recommend to anyone who enjoys action, adventure, or science fiction.

The Breach Ghost Country Deep Sky

About the Author

Patrick Lee was born in Michigan in 1976. After a uneventful childhood, Lee sold two screenplays during his twenties. Unfortunately, neither were ever produced however Lee was grateful for the limited success as it allowed him to avoid getting an actual job. As a new novelist just a few years ago, Lee was signed by FinePrint who subsequently sold the first two books of the Travis Chase series.

If you like Patrick Lee try Boyd Morrison’s Rogue Wave!

By Jeremy R Woods

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Here are a few authors who were in consideration for our top 5 new author’s of Men’s Fiction:

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