Top Action and Thriller Authors: #5 Marc Cameron

John Le Carre has dazzled readers with spy tales for more than fifty years. His most notable work, The Spy Who Came in from the Cold: A George Smiley Novel (George Smiley Novels), is among the most famous spy novels in history. For a new generation, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series kept readers’ attention along with movie portrayals of Patriot Games (A Jack Ryan Novel), The Sum of All Fears (A Jack Ryan Novel), and The Hunt for Red October (A Jack Ryan Novel)  just to name a few. Over the last decade, recently deceased Vince Flynn began to pull in new readers with his debut novel, Term Limits, and into the Mitch Rapp series culminating with 2012’s The Last Man: A Novel (The Mitch Rapp Series). Clancy and Flynn pulled the spy genre into a new age of more action-packed anti-terrorism rather than the traditional espionage based spy thrillers. So who will carry the torch in the coming years for Best Contemporary Action and Thriller Authors? Here are Code 451’s picks for Best Contemporary Action and Thriller Author:

#5 Marc Cameron

Marc Cameron is a relatively new author with just three novels starting with National Security (Jericho Quinn) in late 2011 followed by Act of Terror (Jericho Quinn, Book 2) and State of Emergency (A Jericho Quinn Thriller). The novels feature hard charging Jericho Quinn as a special “instrument” used to handle more urgent crises that can’t wait for diplomacies and red tape. Quinn refers to himself as the United States’ “hammer” who goes in and handles the problem swiftly, although rarely neatly.

I would place Marc Cameron, along with Matthew Dunn, in the same category with our Best New Authors in Men’s Fiction series from last year. His work is gripping and intense, but most of all fast-paced leaving the reader no time to get bored. The highest praise I can give is that Marc Cameron kept me awake later than I intended on many nights because his books left me wanting to know what happened next unable to put it down and turn off the light.

Marc Cameron’s Books

National Security
Act of Terror
State of Emergency
Time of Attack (February 2014)

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