Best New Authors in Men’s Fiction: # 2 Noah Boyd

In the last few days, we’ve begun a series of articles highlighting the best new author’s in men’s fiction. Since it takes a few years for an author to build a body of work, we’re including any author who’s debut novel released in the last 5 years. Men’s Fiction is defined simply as action, adventure, thriller, etc. and to a certain extent science fiction or fantasy.

# 5 Patrick Rothfuss

# 4 Howard Gordon

># 3 Patrick Lee

# 2 Noah Boyd:

Boyd’s lead character is former FBI agent Steve Vail. In his debut novel, The Bricklayer, Vail is working as, yes a Bricklayer, when he is recruited to assist the FBI with a case. Once in the mix he is limited by the very constraints of bureaucracy which forced him out of the bureau in the first place. As much as he wants to walk away he is torn by the feelings he has developed for Agent Kate Bannon. Boyd’s second novel returns Vail in Agent X. These two novels are absolutely wonderful and must read for anyone who loves action and suspense novels, but alas we these two will be Mr. Boyd’s only novels. Noah Boyd, real name Paul Lindsay died last year after a lengthy bout with blood cancer. For more on former Agent Lindsay, read below.

Noah Boyd’s Novels

The Bricklayer Agent X

About the Author

Noah Boyd is the pen name of former FBI agent Paul Lindsay. Agent Lindsay has years of experience in the trenches as an FBI investigator. His professional resume includes pursuing such high profile killers as the Green River Killer and the Highland Park Strangler. Mr. Lindsay also was a decorated marine who commanded a platoon in Vietnam. He is a true American hero serving his country for the entirety of his life. Paul Lindsay passed away in 2011 after a 6 year battle with blood cancer.

If you like Noah Boyd try Daniel Silva or Vince Flynn.

By Jeremy R Woods

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Here are a few authors who were in consideration for our top 5 new author’s of Men’s Fiction:

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