Top Action and Thriller Authors: #4 Nelson Demille

nelson demilleA recent trend in books is the movement from traditional espionage novels, such as John le Carre’s famous The Spy Who Came in from the Cold to a more contemporary anti-terrorism novel. This was first made popular by Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan character in such classics as Patriot Games, The Sum of All Fears, and Red Rabbit just to name a few. In the last decade, the late Vince Flynn introduced the world to Mitch Rapp in a series of high energy, fast paced novels, most recently The Last Man. As the evolution of the spy thriller evolves there are several terrific authors set to take the reins and provide readers with ample literary entertainment. Code 451 recently began a countdown of our Best Contemporary Action and Thriller Authors beginning with #5 Marc Cameron. Next on our list is:

#4 Nelson Demille

For those who are not avid readers Nelson Demille may not be a familiar name, however you may recall seeing The General’s Daughter starring John Travolta and Madelaine Stowe. It’s a tremendous movie based on the like titled book by Nelson Demille featuring Army CID investigator Paul Brennan. For those of you more familiar with his books you may be know more about sarcastic NYPD officer John Corey who works with an anti-terrorism task force with his FBI agent wife Kate.

Nelson Demille’s plots are second to none, but perhaps too detailed and intricate for many readers. His characters are typically outwardly derisive yet ultimately heroic. If you enjoy Flynn and Clancy, you’ll likely appreciate Nelson Demille’s writing. If you find Clancy tedious, you may get bogged down in Demille as well. If you choose to try Demille, I would start with The General’s Daughter; it’s a little quicker read than the Corey series or the classic The Gold Coast.

Nelson Demille Books

By the Rivers of Babylon
The Talbot Odyssey
Word of Honor (also a movie featuring Don Johnson)
The Charm School
The Gold Coast
The General’s Daughter
Plum Island
The Lion’s Game
Up Country
Night Fall
Wild Fire
The Gate House
The Lion
The Panther
The Quest (September 17, 2013)

If you enjoy Nelson Demille, try:

Matthew Dunn Daniel Silva W.E.B. Griffin

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