Baggage For The Holidays And Not The Emotional Kind

Britto Collection by HeysAlright, men, you’ve had more than 10 months since the last holiday season to come up with thoughtful gift ideas for the special lady in your life.  Any ideas?  Whether it’s your wife or girlfriend, women have the innate ability to drop hints so subtle, Sherlock Holmes would be hard-pressed to detect them.  That’s where I come in.  My job is to give you creative gift ideas, without worrying about the stress of last minute shopping.  And, unlike the autumn leaves, which are changing to red, yellow, and orange, the color within your wallet will remain a lively hue of green.

In past holiday seasons, you’ve probably given her some sort of jewelry or a piece of clothing that she conveniently left marked in a magazine on your desk.  But have you ever considered getting her a really unique piece of luggage?

I know what you’re thinking: “Luggage?  How boring.”

Before you pass judgment, hear me out.

Aside from the shopping, food, and, of course, eggnog, traveling is an important part of the holiday season.  Whether you’re flying, driving, or, if you’re going to visit your in-laws, being dragged out the door, chances are you’ll be quite mobile over the next 3 months.   Have you ever noticed how annoyed women get when they see another woman dressed in the same outfit?  So imagine how painful it is for her to stand in the airport and watch hundreds of other women walking around with black bags identical to hers!

Fashion has extended beyond clothing and jewelry to a new realm of what can only be defined as “trendy totes”.  Take a look at this one, for instance:

I actually have this bag, and, first and foremost, let me speak of its functionality.  I’ve packed for a 5 day trip (with clothing equivalent to what you may pack for a month), with room to spare. And it does so without becoming bulky.  There are straps on the inside that clasp together and compact the clothing into an organized stack.  The hard, plastic exterior would allow her to pack her more delicate items (ie: a camera or hair straightener) that would likely break or shatter in a cloth bag.  And, of course, it rolls!

There are many other bags like this one out there, so don’t fret if you don’t like the colors or design of this one.  And, if you know she wouldn’t like any design at all, something as simple as a fun color would work as well.

Most importantly, though, she will love having a one-of-a-kind piece of luggage in a world of drab bags (and compliments received at the baggage claim certainly won’t hurt!).  She will appreciate you more for it, too, (her one-of-a-kind man) because, instead of getting her a “go-to gift”, like a DVD player that conveniently came with all of your favorite box sets, you will have given her something original, and, in picking a color and/or design that reminded you of her, a once believed “boring” gift becomes something far more sentimental.

And, who knows?  Maybe you can slip two plane tickets in there for a weekend getaway, as an additional surprise…Bora Bora for Christmas, anyone?!


Article: Hayley

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