New Authors for Men’s Fiction: # 1 Ben Coes

In the last few days, we’ve begun a series of articles highlighting the best new authors in men’s fiction. Since it takes a few years for an author to build a body of work, we’re including any author who’s debut novel released in the last 5 years. Men’s Fiction is defined simply as action, adventure, thriller, etc. and to a certain extent science fiction or fantasy. We’ve finally reached our best new author in men’s fiction, here are a look at #’s 2-5:

#2 Noah Boyd
#3 Patrick Lee
#4 Howard Gordon
#5 Patrick Rothfuss

# 1 Ben Coes

As you can see in the authors bio below, Ben Coes has a great deal of experience in both public and private service. He has used his experiences to bring us one of fiction’s most exciting characters, Dewey Andreas. In his debut novel, Power Down, Andreas is working on an oil rig targeted by terrorists. What no one knows is that Dewey is ex-special forces. After foiling the plot in emphatic fashion, Andreas returns in Coup d’Etat as a hunted man all the while trying to save the world from nuclear apocalypse. If you enjoy action, adventure, and heroism these are the novels for you!

Power Down Coup d’Etat

***Note – It was recently revealed that the next Dewey Andreas thriller: The Last Refugewill be released in June of this year!***

About the Author

Ben Coes has worked under President Ronald Reagan and President George H.W. Bush at the White House. Under President Bush, Coes was the speech writer for the Secretary of Energy during the initial Gulf War. He has also served as campaign manager for Mitt Romney’s successful gubernatorial campaign for the state of Massachusetts. Coes work in the private sector includes being a speech writer for Texas Billionaire T Boone Pickens. All of this experience has enabled Coes to put a realistic and practical tone in his writings.

If you like Ben Coes, you may want to try Vince Flynn or Alex Berensen.

Here are a few authors who were in consideration for our top 5 new author’s of Men’s Fiction:

By Jeremy R Woods


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