A Review of The Confession by John Grisham

The Confession - John GrishamI would hazard that few literary critics would debate that John Grisham is the king of the legal thriller. In The Confession, Grisham takes us back to his roots of the likes of The Chamber. This is a fast paced, gripping novel of suspense that simply can not be put down.

A dark stranger appears at the office of an unassuming pastor in a small Kansas town.  Within the meeting he confesses to a crime for which another man is about to be executed.  Weighted with this frightening knowledge, the pastor has no choice but to embark upon a life changing campaign to free an innocent man.

As the execution draws near, the pastor travels to work with the condemned man’s attorney to make last minute efforts to stop the execution.  As you continue to read this novel it becomes painfully obvious that this is much more than a work of fiction, it is a social commentary on capital punishment.  With none too subtle details such as the execution to be carried out by the state of Texas, Grisham once again provides a chilling account of the underbelly of our legal system.

Always a brilliant story teller, Grisham’s primary strength is his willingness to part with melodrama; in The Confession this ability to provide the reader with a mix of both satisfaction and disappointment is on full display.  As if Grisham fans need any encouragement, this is a must read for all fans!

Code 451 Rating: 8 Must Read

By: Jeremy R Woods


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