Top Action and Thriller Authors: #1 Alex Berenson

Alex BerensonWe’ve been counting down the best action and thriller authors. This list was prompted by the all too soon passing of Vince Flynn earlier this year. Regretfully, since I began this series of articles another icon of the genre, Tom Clancy, passed at the age of 66. The finale of this series is in honor of two of my favorite authors and landmark character franchises with Flynn’s Mitch Rapp and Clancy’s Jack Ryan. I have had the pleasure of many hours of reading the works of these two gentlemen and I sincerely hope that their legacies continue to draw in more and more fans in the years to come.

Top Contemporary Action and Thriller Authors

#5 Marc Cameron
#4 Nelson Demille
#3 Lee Child
#2 Ben Coes

#1 Alex Berenson

Alex Berenson is one the more underrated authors writing today. His work is relevant and realistic but without appearing overly political. Berenson’s John Wells character is in the Mitch Rapp mold quiet, dark, and troubled yet astute and focused when faced with problems. Plots have ranged from stopping terrorist attacks domestically to aiding the Saudi royal family abroad. If you like fast paced action with chilling reality pick up Berenson’s debut novel The Faithful Spy and start the series today. You won’t be sorry.

Truthfully, Berenson or Coes could have topped this list as they’re both outstanding and their work is very similar. Both, along with Marc Cameron, are in the Vince Flynn mold with a lot of action. Although, he is not on this list, Matthew Dunn is one of the few current writers who are similar to Clancy in that his protagonist works more behind the scenes with the action coming in more climactic times.

Alex Berenson’s Books

The Faithful Spy
The Ghost War
The Silent Man
The Midnight House
The Secret Soldier
The Shadow Patrol
The Night Ranger
The Counterfeit Agent ** February 2014 **

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