Review of “The Iron House” by John Hart

Iron HousePossibly my favorite book of 2011 is Iron House by John Hart. Written with the emotion we have come to expect from Hart, this novel combines a classic love story, a wonderfully designed plot, and action galore. Throw in a twist of classic mob ties and a hit man gone clean and you have a wonderful work of fiction.

A mob hit man falls in love and wants out of the life. He seeks permission and is surprisingly granted by the elder mob boss who thinks of him as a son. Unfortunately, before he can get away the old man nears death and his blood son, through jealousy and a misguided code of honor, refuses to honor his exit.

As the hit man runs he returns to the orphanage he once called home and finds that even he can’t outrun his past. He is forced to confront his own demons while battling the mob for his family’s life and only one thing is certain: nothing is as it seems and anything can happen.

See why I believe Iron House is one the best novels of the year!

Code 451 Rating: 9 Must Read

By: Jeremy R Woods


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