Valentines Day Gifts For Her

Women are noted for being mysterious and hard to read, which makes holidays like Valentine’s Day an extremely stressful time. If she hasn’t said anything about it, you can be rest assured she’s patiently waiting to see what you’ve conjured up. If you’ve already discussed it and she said she “doesn’t want anything,” then it’s her way of saying, “I have no expectations from you… but better make it good!” If she says she “just wants to go out to dinner or do something,” still get her something small. Remember, whether you’ve been together a few weeks or a few years, gifts send an unspoken message – whether good or bad. If you are stunned or haven’t really thought it out yet, here are some no-fail solutions for this Valentine’s Day:

A Unique Card From

This may seem stupid, but women love cards because they’re sentimental. Don’t just run to the supermarket, grab the first card you see and sign your name at the bottom. is a website selling one-of-a-kind creations by independent artists, so a selection here really can’t go wrong! Be sure you write some kind of message to her, whether it’s a simple restatement of love, a little anecdote about what attracts you to her, a famous love quote, or a verse from a poem.

Dinner At A Romantic Local Restaurant

Forget about chains like Red Lobster or Olive Garden. Do your research on sites like Urban Spoon, Gayot, Travelocity or Yelp, which can point you to top-rated romantic restaurants. A few pointers: Don’t forget about your reservations in advance! Try to look your spiffiest. And if you really want to “wow” her, plan a special dessert ahead of time. You can order custom messages in fortune cookies online, which would be a cool way to say “I love you.” Or you might want to tell the waiter to bring out her favorite dessert. Another option is to have a custom cake waiting at the house made just for her.


This might seem like an obvious one, but you could still really go wrong with flowers if you don’t read between the lines. Yes, every woman adores flowers. Yet, what she’s really wondering is “What will he pick for me? Will he get the types of flowers, the colors and the presentation right?” She’s not looking for the dull dozen roses or the first bouquet you grabbed from the picked-over bunch at the grocery store. She’s looking for something that shows you put some thought into your selection. It may not be exactly what she might have picked, but she’ll love to hear how you called the local florist and had the daisies swapped out for azaleas and a hint of baby’s breath added in for a fuller bouquet. If you don’t know her preferences at all, quiz her friends and family to gather her favorite flowers and colors. Deliver it to her work or present it in person to make her smile.
Women love gems, simply put. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings all work. You can find reasonably priced genuine stones, onyx or pearls from a department store like Macy’s. At the opposite end of the spectrum, you can really blow her away by choosing diamonds, rubies or emeralds from a top-of-the-line jeweler.

Massage / Spa Treatments

Every woman loves pampering and your thoughtfulness will shine through with this gift. It’s like your way of saying, “Splurge, honey: you deserve it!” If you don’t mind a good massage,
plan a couple’s massage for two. Otherwise, she wouldn’t mind a gift certificate to a local spa for the price of a 60-minute massage. If you can’t afford to send her to the spa, then brush up on your massage technique (via books, classes or video tutorials), buy some fragrant essential oils and a bottle of wine, stock up on the candles, put the “Soundscapes” music station on TV and get ready to impress her with your thoughtful massage night home. It doesn’t get much more romantic than that.

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