Why the Economy Looks like Expansion, feels like Recession

Great article that contrasts the differences between perception and reality as it relates to economic stability.

There’s a great mismatch between the way people feel about the economy and many of the underlying trends. The sentiment says recession, but much of the underlying data suggest growth.

The Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan measure of consumer sentiment, released Friday morning, showed consumer confidence fell and that consumers’ expectations for the future are at their lowest level in 30 years. They’re not the only ones worried. Lakshman Achuthan of Economic Cycle Research Institute, perhaps the most reliable forecaster on changes in the business cycle, recently told the Daily Ticker he believes a recession is unavoidable.

And yet the numbers continue to tell the story of a grinding, continuing recovery that, in some ways, appears to be accelerating. More… http://finance.yahoo.com/blogs/daniel-gross/why-economy-looks-expansion-feels-recession-152916110.html

By: Daniel Gross at Yahoo Finance

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