Modern Detective and Mystery Authors: #4 Jeffery Deaver

If you’re anything like me, you have a deep love for classic mystery and detective fiction. From the Dashiell Hammett novel, turn cinema classic The Maltese Falcon to Arthur Conan Doyle’s master sleuth Sherlock Holmes, bibliophiles have long sense held a love of great detectives. Perhaps one day, the authors on our list of Modern Detective and Mystery Authors will be spoken of in the same breath as Hammett and Doyle. So far, at #5 we have the ever popular creator of Alex Cross, James Patterson.

#4 Jeffery Deaver

jeffery deaverJeffery Deaver is a one of a kind author; his style and penmanship paint a vivid portrait. The only reason he is not considered among the great writers of our time is he’s too upfront with the darkness of criminal investigation. His hero, Lincoln Rhyme (played by Denzel Washington in The Bone Collector) is paralyzed and many people find the idea too harsh and a little disconcerting. To add to the darkness of Jeffery Deaver’s writing is the depravity of Rhyme’s adversaries. He’s generally dealing with serial killers and often their crimes are so heinous its uncomfortable to read.

If this sounds too harsh for your taste, fear not for in the last few years, Jeffery Deaver has begun writing a new series feature Kinesiologist Kathryn Dance. Dance is introduced in The Cold Moon featuring Lincoln Rhyme but later appears in several novels as the primary protagonist. If my glowing recommendation of Deaver isn’t enough, he was also honored as the new writer of James Bonds novels and released Carte Blanche in 2011. I am a huge fan of Jeffery Deaver and I know few readers who have tried his work that had anything but admiration for his skill.

Jeffery Deaver’s Books:

Lincoln Rhyme Novels

The Bone Collector
The Coffin Dancer
The Empty Chair
The Stone Monkey
The Vanished Man
The Twelfth Card
The Cold Moon
The Broken Window
The Burning Wire
The Kill Room (June 2013)

Kathryn Dance Novels

The Sleeping Doll
Roadside Crosses

John Pelham Novels

Shallow Graves
Bloody River Blues
Hell’s Kitchen

Rune Novels

Manhattan Is My Beat
Death of a Blue Movie Star
Hard News

Stand Alone Novels

Mistress of Justice
The Lesson of Her Death
Praying for Sleep
A Maiden’s Grave
The Devil’s Teardrop
Speaking In Tongues
The Blue Nowhere
Garden of Beasts
The Bodies Left Behind
Carte Blanche

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