Unnatural Acts by Stuart Woods

Unnatural Acts by Stuart WoodsUnnatural Acts: Stone Barrington is back in Stuart Woods’ new thriller.

When we last left Stone he had returned from Washington after aiding the President and First Lady in a twisted murder mystery. In Unnatural Acts, a treasured era has come to an end leaving Stone and Dino unsure where to move next. As the plot progresses Stone becomes involved with a beautiful woman while Dino wrestles with an ethical dilemma. Although Stone and Dino are certainly prevalent throughout, Unnatural Acts may be more appropriately deemed a Herbie Fisher novel as the primary plot seems to flow more through Herbie than Stone. Herbie, now Herb has matured into a talented, successful attorney with Woodman & Weld and has someone managed to advance at break neck speed unto one of the firm’s most successful rainmakers. Is Herbie the new Stone?

In short, Summarizing Unnatural Acts by Stuart Woods

it would appear so as he is tasked with assisting a highly successful investor with getting his psychopath, manipulative, and drug dealing son in check. As you might expect, things are never what they seem with Stuart Woods and soon enough Herb finds himself in the young psychopath’s cross hairs. The plot comes to an exciting conclusion and a father is faced with most extreme Unnatural Acts.

I consider Stuart Woods to be among my favorite authors. He, along with a few other favorites are must reads immediately upon receipt of the books so it is difficult for me to be too harsh on his work. Thankfully I enjoyed Unnatural Acts immensely so there is little need for criticism. Unnatural Acts again makes you covet the fast paced, charmed life of Woods’ characters from the safety of your favorite chair. Congratulations Mr. Woods, you’ve done it again!

This is a good story with all the major players but it leaves me unsure where Stuart Woods may go next. I thought a few books ago he was going to transition the series over to follow Stone’s son, Peter Barrington and after Unnatural Acts it seems perfectly plausible that Herb Fisher may become the new lead. Where is Stuart Woods taking us next? It looks like we’ll have to wait for Severe Clear in September to find out.

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