Review of “Son of Stone” by Stuart Woods

Rarely does Stuart Woods disappoint andis another terrific read. As we all know Stone Barrington has the greatest life of any man real or fictitious. It has been strongly insinuated in past novels that he has fathered a son by former love interest Arrington Calder. In this novel we learn the truth behind the young man’s lineage and the story line comes full circle. As new bonds are formed we are faced with a bittersweet climax which will leave you reeling!

As much as I enjoyed this novel, I found myself both disappointed and riveted by the shocking storyline. We lose a recurring character that many of us, myself included, hoped would come to be a full time member of the cast. But alas Mr. Woods has other plans for his readers. Perhaps the most promising occurrence inis the emergence of a young hero to carry the torch as our beloved Stone Barrington ages into a life of luxury.

This is not a novel for those who want to be challenged intellectually or who wish to have deep literary discussions of a deeper meaning. This is melodrama at its very finest, but I for one enjoy a little time in another life which requires little effort.

Stuart Woods is a master of putting the reader into a life most of us can only dream about. All of his novels are impossible for me to put down andwas no exception. Wonderful novel!

Code 451 Rating: 7 Good Read

By Jeremy R Woods


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