Standup Guy by Stuart Woods

Stuart Woods Standup GuyStuart Woods’ Standup Guy is a cookie cutter Stone Barrington novel complete with a new lady, a peripheral mystery, and a cameo by Holly Barker. In this installment, Woods plays off the 1978 Lufthansa heist with a fictional 1966 airport terminal heist where the culprit has died in prison. When the money begins to reappear, numerous parties ranging from relatives of the original thief to the Secret Service begin sniffing around for the money.

As always, this is a quite entertaining and a quick read. The stories don’t feel unique at this point, but Stone Barrington embodies the life about which most men can only daydream. Even so, I continue to anticipate each new release including Woods’ most recent, Carnal Curiosity, which was released April 8. Standup Guy is by no one’s interpretation an instant classic, but I was highly entertained and that is the point of reading fiction correct?

Code 451 Rating: B- Fun, but not spectacular

Stuart Woods

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