Reveiw of D. C. Dead by Stuart Woods

Stuart Woods is one of my little indulgences in life; literary genius, not so much, classic plot lines, sorry Mr Woods, pretty tame. Whatever the reason I simply love reading his work. The pace at which the story moves is unmatched in the mystery/thriller genre. This novel like many of his previous works left me reading deep into the night unable to turn the light off as I continued to rationalize “just a few more pages” each time I finished a chapter. Stuart Woods may not ever have his work referred to as classic literature however I can think of few authors whose works I anticipate as much as Stuart Woods.

As has become tradition, D.C. Dead opens with Stone Barrington and Dino Bachetti having dinner at Elaine’s in New York City where they are met by CIA agent Holly Barker who requests they fly to Washington D.C. at the agency’s request. It seems there has been a murder, suicide that some are having a difficult time believing. After just a few days, Stone and Dino wish they could turn around and head home leaving the investigation behind. One problem, those who do not believe the finding of the murder, suicide are none other than President Will Lee and First Lady/Director of the CIA Katherine Rule Lee. How do you turn your back on the President and First Lady? More murders seem to muddy the waters at every turn in the investigation intensifying Stone and Dino’s desire to call an end to the investigation, but the murderer makes one little mistake… And Teddy Fay may pop-up at some point as well!

Fluff or not, I love Stuart Woods and D.C. Dead does not disappoint. Released just in time for last second Christmas shoppers!

Code 451 Rating: 7 – Good Read!

By Jeremy Woods

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