September 22, 2013 Book of the Week: The Quest by Nelson DeMille

Everyone else has a book club so why shouldn’t Code 451. Beginning this morning we will have a Code 451 Book of the Week Club featuring our favorite recently released books. It may come from any genre in a given week. Kicking things off with our first ever Code 451 Book of the Week is:

The Quest by Nelson DeMille

the questDeMille has long since been a favorite of mine since I first saw The General’s Daughter, starring John Travolta, many years ago. I immediately went out and purchased the book and have been reading all of Mr. DeMille’s releases ever since. Travolta’s character, Paul Brennan, was also the lead in Up Country and last year showed up along with DeMille’s other hero, John Corey, in The Panther. If you’ve not read the John Corey series I highly recommend starting from the beginning with Plum Island.

The Quest deviates from any of the existing characters and into the search for the Holy Grail. (Cue Indiana Jones music here) Forty years ago, a Catholic priest was jailed in Ethiopia for claiming to know the cup’s location. When Civil War erupts he is fortuitously freed where he seeks refuge in the jungle and meets three journalists who tend to his injuries and learn of his story. The group agrees to search for the Cup of Christ and sets out on a grand adventure which carries them from the jungles of Ethiopia to the beautiful city of Rome. Will the cup finally be discovered? Pick up The Quest and find out!

Other Nelson DeMille Books:

By the Rivers of Babylon
The Talbot Odyssey
Word of Honor (also a movie featuring Don Johnson)
The Charm School
The Gold Coast
The General’s Daughter
Plum Island
The Lion’s Game
Up Country
Night Fall
Wild Fire
The Gate House
The Lion
The Panther
The Quest (September 17, 2013)

For more on Nelson DeMille, visit his official website.

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