Top 5 Halloween Costumes for 2011


Calm down, calm down. It’s just me—sheesh!

‘Tis the season for costume parties, and who says you’re too old to celebrate Halloween? If you’re going to a party, or even just passing out candy, chances are you may need to find a costume. The key to picking out the perfect costume (post-college, of course, because we all know anything goes in college) is to find something that is creative. So, if you were thinking about dressing up as an M&M, please, please change your mind; the M&M costume was so 1995. Same goes for the bloody golf ball on the forehead.

Here are my Top 5 costume picks for Halloween 2011:

1) Three Musketeers

With the recent release of the movie remake of The Three Musketeers, it only makes sense to wear a lavishly lace shirt and plumed hat.

Men’s Musketeer Costume

2) Cowboy

This costume will never go out of style. There’s just something so masculine about a man in chaps and boots…

Adult Cowhand Cowboy Costume – Adult Std.

3) The Office

I think I speak for many of us when I say that life lost some of its meaning the day Michael Scott (played by Steve Carell) left The Office. Why not keep the memory alive? Dress in a suit, grab your World’s Best Boss mug, and, voila, you’re Michael Scott.

The Office World”s Best Boss Mug

Or, better yet, go as Dwight Schrute: all you need are square glasses, a yellow shirt, khakis,…and a bobble head, of course!

The Office: Dwight Schrute Bobblehead

Schrute Beet Farms Short Sleeve Adult T-Shirt (Assorted Colors & Sizes)

4) Where’s Waldo?

Looking to be more of the mysterious, concealed type at the neighborhood party? Bring back this classic!

Elope Wheres Waldo Adult Costume Kit

5) The Grandpa

Still think you’re too old to wear a costume? Fine, suit yourself. But at least dress the part.

Uncle Bert Costume

My boyfriend and I actually dressed as grandparents for Halloween last year, and, not only did we have the most hilarious costumes at the party, we were also the most comfortable. And we were able to complain (ie: “It’s a bit drafty in here!” and “I knew I should have brought my own food!”) and leave before eleven without people thinking too much of it.

I hope you have a fun and safe Halloween!

By Hayley Lyons

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