Top Action and Thriller Authors: #2 Ben Coes

ben coesGone are the days of the traditional espionage spy thrillers made famous by John Le Carre or even the sleek charms of Ian Fleming’s {James Bond. Today’s spy novels are action packed thrillers full of highly skilled anti-terrorist operatives such as Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp or Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan/John Clark. Tragically the literary world lost a great in one of my personal favorite’s Vince Flynn and Clancy rarely writes a new Jack Ryan. So which authors will we turn to for our post-Cold War Era spy and thriller novels? Thus far we’ve named #5 Marc Cameron the author of a terrific series featuring Jericho Quinn, #4 Nelson Demille, author of The General’s Daughter and several John Corey novels, and #3 Lee Child who gave us the Jack Reacher character portrayed in film by Tom Cruise.

#2 Ben Coes

Ben Coes is a fabulous author of four novels featuring Dewey Andreas. Dewey was a Special Forces soldier turned oil rig roughneck in Coes’ debut novel Power Down. Since, he has saved the world repeatedly in Coup d’Etat, The Last Refuge, and most recently in, our July Top Pick, Eye for an Eye. Andreas is everything a reader wants in a hero, tough with a heart of gold always in the wrong place at the wrong time. The character is very similar to that of Marc Cameron’s Jericho Quinn in that both eventually become key assets directly to the President of the United States. If you enjoy this genre, Coes is a must read, he’s been a favorite of mine for a few years and was named Code 451’s Best New Authors in Men’s Fiction a few years ago. I highly recommend reading Power Down immediately.

Ben Coes’ Books

Power Down
Coup d’Etat
The Last Refuge
Eye for an Eye

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