Top Picks for July 2013

top picks for july 2013Rarely does a month pass that I’m not intrigued by at least a few book releases and July brings an assortment of entertainment from Cris Carter’s Going Deep to action-packed Eye for an Eye by Ben Coes. Whether you’re looking for a quick fun read or a deeper work such as & Sons by David Gilbert July has something to offer. For those of you looking for a paperback to read on the beach (I’m jealous) here are a few top picks in paperback: The Tombs by Clive Cussler, The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling, or Agenda 21 by Glen Beck. Not as high powered as May (Inferno by Dan Brown or And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini) but these books have a lot of promise. (I can already tell you that Eye for an Eye is outstanding!)

Top Picks for July 2013

Light of the World by James Lee Burke

Dave Robicheaux is back with longtime friend Clete Purcell on vacation with their families in beautiful Montana. However, as always seems to be the case, trouble spots Dave before he spots it and the action ensues. Light of the World is very close to the top of my reading list for the coming weeks. Always a summer treat to get a new novel from Mr. Burke, he is truly one of the best around. If you haven’t tried Burke, I recommend starting with Jolie Blon’s Bounce but if you’re like me and must start at the beginning, try Black Cherry Blues.

Going Deep by Cris Carter

top picks for july 2013“In Going Deep, Carter and ESPN journalist Jeffri Chadiha chronicle the rise of the wide receiver and explain how it became the most complex, compelling, and talked-about position in all of professional sports. Using stories from his own career to offer unprecedented insight into the position, Carter explains the players’ unique personalities, how their minds work, and why teams need to understand exactly what they’re dealing with when it comes to their wideouts–the NFL’s newest superstars.” (text from Cris Carter is a very insightful guy with a lot of experience on the field and as an analyst; this is just the book to get revved up for the upcoming football season!

& Sons by David Gilbert

top picks for july 2013This novel is bursting onto the scenes as one of the hot new titles being acclaimed by everyone from O Magazine to Newsweek. The dark tale is centered upon the death of an otherwise anonymous New Yorker Charles Henry Topping, were it not for the funeral attendance of famed author A. N. Dyer. The funeral kick starts a serious of events which unexpectedly alters the future of two families. From “In this daring feat of fiction, David Gilbert establishes himself as one of our most original, entertaining, and insightful authors. & Sons is that rarest of treasures: a startlingly imaginative novel about families and how they define us, and the choices we make when faced with our own mortality.” I cannot yet speak for this novel personally but it is receiving high praise and lots of attention this summer.

Shot All to Hell by Mark Lee Gardner

I must admit I’m a sucker for stories of old gunmen, but I stick with books because Hollywood has a tendency to make cold-blooded killers seem friendly (example Wyatt Earp in Tombstone) although a fun movie very much a fictional account of the actual events. From “Follow the Wild West’s most celebrated gang of outlaws as they step inside Northfield’s First National Bank and back out on the streets to square off with heroic citizens who risked their lives to defend justice in Minnesota.” This one is definitely on my to read list!

Eye for an Eye by Ben Coes

Any new book from Ben Coes automatically moves to the top of my list upon release. Eye for an Eye is the fourth book from Coes featuring, ex-Army Delta turn oil-rig roughneck turn hero, Dewey Andreas. Eye for an Eye kicks off with Mossad finding the spy in their midst and handling the situation in true clandestine fashion. However, the plot takes a quick twist and draws Dewey and his fiancé, lovely Jessica Tanzer into a deadly situation. I will refrain from spoiling the rest of the action as it well worth the read. If you enjoy the likes of Alex Berensen or recently deceased Vince Flynn, both of which are also favorites of myself and the Code 451 group, you’ll be just as happy with Ben Coes. Give him a shot, you will not regret it, I recommend starting with his debut novel Power Down as Dewey is introduced early on in the action.

Other top picks of July 2013:

The English Girl Rendezvous with Destiny Rose Kennedy A Call to Arms
Daniel Silva Michael Fullilove Barbara A Perry Maury Klein

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