Modern Detective and Mystery Authors: #3 Lee Child

lee childI read many genres from sports biographies, business and finance, thrillers, action and spy, and even the occasional science fiction novel, but my first love was detective and mystery novels. I’ve read every Sherlock Holmes novel from Arthur Conan Doyle and many, including the best detective novel in history (one man’s opinion) The Maltese Falcon, from the great Dashiell Hammett. A lot of classic readers would say none of the newer writers hold a candle to those gentlemen. It is for this reason, I narrow this series to modern detective and mystery authors; over the last week we have named James Patterson and Jeffery Deaver our #5 and #4 on the list respectively. At #3 on our list of modern detective and mystery authors:

#3 Lee Child

There is something intimidating about walking up to a section in a bookstore and seeing 2-3 shelves of titles from an author that you’ve never read but have always wanted to sample. For me, Clive Cussler and W. E. B. Griffin have always been compelling but intimidating. They both have so many titles but each sound very interesting. To date I have resisted these two fine authors, but once such writer I broke down and tried a few years and got hooked, Lee Child. He doesn’t have quite as many books as those other gentlemen but his work is outstanding. I admit to not having read all of Child’s books YET, but I’m so glad I started and will absolutely catch-up on Lee Child’s work and he will always be a must read.

Lee Child is a master of action and suspense. His novels grip the reader, leading them down a road of depravity and suspense until the mighty Jack Reacher rights the world’s wrongs. Reacher is a fantastic character full of grit and determination. Contrary to what Tom Cruise and Hollywood would have you believe, Reacher is a hulk of a man, ex-military police rather than a 4 foot, 9 inch braggart. Lee Child has created the ultimate hero in the quiet, yet thoughtful, tough guy, Jack Reacher. Never afraid to take on a challenge, the reader is left with little doubt that wrongs will be righted and the bad guys will be dealt with. Lee Child is a terrific writer who manages to weave fantastic tales without seeming too over the top or outrageous. If you haven’t read anything from Lee Child yet, I recommend going out today and picking up his first novel, Killing Floor.

Lee Child’s Novels

Killing Floor
Die Trying
Running Blind
Echo Burning
Without Fail
The Enemy
One Shot
The Hard Way
Bad Luck and Trouble
Nothing to Lose
Gone Tomorrow
61 Hours
Worth Dying For
The Affair
A Wanted Man

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