Most Underrated Authors: # 5 Patrick Lee

Patrick LeeAs an avid reader I find one of the most exciting opportunities is finding a previously unread author who’s work you enjoy. I spend a lot of time scouring the fiction section in my favorite bookstores looking for relatively unknown or new authors that I haven’t yet discovered. Many times I pick up someone’s debut novel as is the case with Patrick Lee’s The Breach, but other times it’s an established author who I just haven’t had the pleasure of reading. Beginning today, I’ll share my top 5 most underrated authors as discovered in recent years.

#5 Patrick Lee

I found Patrick Lee by accident a few years ago and read the first of his Breach trilogy aptly titled The Breach and really enjoy his work. Lee’s hero is Travis Chase, a former cop who travels to Alaska amid personal turmoil before witnessing the crash of a 747 carrying the First Lady. Chase then becomes embroiled in a fantastic mystery filled with dynamic and mysterious artifacts sent back from the future through The Breach.

The trilogy continues with Ghost Country as Chase and team investigate the future apocalyptic end of mankind and culminates in a shocking conclusion in Deep Sky. The trilogy is based on a science fiction concept but the plots are riveting a set in modern reality with wonderful character interactions. I have never been a fan of science fiction or fantasy as a general rule, but earlier this year I named Patrick Lee Code 451’s #3 Best New Author in Men’s Fiction and I will absolutely read anything else Patrick Lee publishes.

Patrick Lee’s Books:

The Breach Ghost Country Deep Sky

If you like Patrick Lee, try Patrick Rothfuss’s The Name of the Wind.

For more on Patrick Lee, visit his website.

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