Top 10 Movies Made from Books: #9 The Bone Collector by Jeffery Deaver

Top 10 Movies Made From Books

#10 Rising Sun by Michael Crichton

#9 The Bone Collector by Jeffery Deaver

The Bone CollectorThe plot of The Bone Collector centers around a sadistic killer who cleverly leaves clues for now semi-retired, quadriplegic criminalist Lincoln Rhyme’s team to locate and analyze. Rhyme taps young and beautiful Officer Amelia Sachs to physically work the crime scene with him directing her on the process. Sachs has never done this type of forensic work before which causes her superiors to doubt Lincoln but they indulge him in hopes of catching the killer before he kills again. (Movie Trailer)

Deaver’s fine novel was published in 1997; two years later The Bone Collector was released as a major motion picture featuring Denzel Washington as Lincoln Rhyme and Angelina Jolie as Amelia Sachs. The Bone Collector ultimately grossed in excess of $68 million in Box Office proceeds.

Jeffery Deaver’s The Bone Collector is just the first of his now eleven novels featuring Lincoln Rhyme. Deaver’s novels chill the reader by the horrific nature of the crimes, typically a very twisted serial killer. However the genius of The Bone Collector and subsequent Lincoln Rhyme novels is playing off the natural fear of our own fragility. Deaver describes Rhyme’s inability to move or simply scratch an itch playing off most people’s fear of ever being in that situation themselves. The reader is already uncomfortable at Rhyme’s circumstance which Deaver openly discusses only to be faced with gruesome crimes. Certainly, the mysteries and evidential process of catching the killer appeals to the reader; however, I think this double manipulation of the reader’s emotions is what makes this series so unique.

Jeffery Deaver received his Bachelor’s of Journalism from the University of Missouri before attending law school at Fordham University. For more on the author, visit

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Trailer for The Bone Collector

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