When in a Jam, Monogram

gift boxesYou survived Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Maybe you even did something special for St. Patrick’s Day. And, let’s be honest, I think it’s safe to assume that most of you have endured your fair share of “I’m sorry” roses and “I’m an idiot” candlelit dinners.

Regardless, you, my friend, have survived it all. Congrats.

Wait. What do you think you’re doing, plopping down on the couch like you’re done for the year? Stop that. I mean it—stop. No—don’t reach for the remote. Must. Resist. Remote. ESPN. Can. Wait. And, if it can’t, it’s time for TiVo.

So before you pat yourself on the back for getting through the holidays, I think I need to remind you of a little something. Spring has spring, and, for many of you, ‘tis the season for anniversaries and birthdays. (It really never stops, does it?)

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If you’re in a pinch, or you fell for it when she said, “You don’t have to get me anything…”, I have a riddle for you:

When feeling brave,
When in a jam,

If you’re married, or absolutely, without a doubt, positive that she is your forever (don’t roll your eyes), an engraved piece of jewelry is a wonderful idea. Whether it’s a special saying between the two of you or the date of your anniversary, she will appreciate the tenderness of even the simplest engraving on a silver band or elegant bracelet. Sure, jewelry is an easy go-to, but when you engrave it with something special to both of you, the sentiment will not go unnoticed.

If your relationship is young, engraved jewelry may be a little much, but, for the next best thing, I give you one word: monogram. You can put her initials on hats, personal towel sets, cups, scarves, and just about anything that provides space for her initials in elaborate manuscript.Monogrammingis quick and relatively inexpensive; I guarantee she will love it. And, who knows? Maybe the day will come when you give her an engraved piece of jewelry, paired with a new set of monogrammed towels, displaying an altered last initial…eh? eh? (I thought I asked you not to roll your eyes…

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